Concrete- and construction products

The testing and inspection of concrete and construction products is one of the main areas of expertise of the Materialprüfanstalt HARTL Deutschland GmbH. We offer you a broad spectrum of testing activities (mechanical, physical and chemical) for a huge variety of types of concrete, construction materials and construction products in this area.

This is an area in which both consistent quality and knowledge of the most recent innovations is demanded and this is exactly where our comprehensive expertise allows us to score. We are be happy to share our know-how with our customers and partners in the form of suitability tests, product tests in the laboratory, ongoing QM tests in the manufacturing plant and on-site inspections on the construction site (e.g. supervision of concretes of monitoring classes 2 and 3).

Our staff is made up of specialists, with excellent training and qualifications, who stay abreast of state of the art technologies thanks to a comprehensive programme of advanced education.

Objects tested

Concrete and reinforced concrete, conformity and identity tests, special and regulation concrete (e.g. sprayed concrete, concrete for inner lining, fibre-reinforced concrete, waterproof concrete etc.), asphalt concrete, cement-related construction products (e.g. paving setts, bricks, cover stones, fencing stones), pre-cast concrete sections (e.g. pillars, sectional floors and ceilings, prefabricated stairs etc.), reinforced concrete pipe and shafts, floor screed and floor screed ready-mix, cement and additives, aggregates, recycling construction materials, plaster, masonry mortar, construction and tile adhesives, bricks etc.


Initial, conformity and identity testing of normal, regulation and special concrete

Initial tests (type tests) and testing services as part of the in-house production control of construction products and precast concrete constructions.

Construction associated test methodological quality control, prior to, during and subsequent to the execution of the construction work

Various tests on green and hardened concrete (e.g. de-icing salt testing, nominal bending, splitting tensile and nominal compressive strengths, water impermeability, air void characteristics and much more)

Sprayed concrete testing (e.g. early strength, nominal compressive strength, fusion potential

Tests on asphalt and asphalt concrete surfaces (e.g. evenness, roughness, number of profile peaks

Sampling from buildings and testing of building samples

Advice on choosing the correct concrete and other advice on concrete technology

Consultancy with respect to product development and product optimisation

Testing and evaluation of concrete source materials such as cement, additives, aggregates, admixtures and recycling materials with respect to fitness and conformity

Monitoring (inspection) of products and/or producers of concrete, concrete source materials, construction materials and construction products

Assistance in preparing and improving in-plant QM documentation

Testing services and assistance in obtaining product certifications (e.g. CE Certificate) and quality marks.

Damage assessment, documentation and evaluation







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