Building and structural component testing and maintenance

The specialist field of building and structural component testing is one of the core elements of the Materialprüfanstalt HARTL Deutschland GmbH. We offer a comprehensive range of tests required for assessing the condition and the execution of the construction work in this area. The Materialprüfanstalt HARTL Deutschland GmbH experts have been instrumental in preparing the directives applicable to remedial maintenance and surface coating areas.

Building and structural component testing forms the basis for assessing the structural condition and deciding on the scope of the remedial maintenance works. Our highly qualified members of staff are your ideal partners for building and building component testing. Thanks to our high level of expertise in maintenance and repair products (in Austria, we are the leading supplier of tests on maintenance and repair products) combined with the findings and experience on building and component testing, we can provide our customers and partners with optimal assistance with all kinds of maintenance issues.

Particularly while work is in progress, production quality can be substantially influenced by regular installation checks and inspections of the material being used in the installations so that optimum adjustments can be made in time if necessary.

Objects tested

Structures in structural and civil engineering, clay brick masonry tunnel construction, bridges, parking garages, sewage works, drinking water reservoirs, screeds, industrial flooring (e.g. monolithic concrete flooring slabs), road surfaces in traffic route engineering, etc.


Actual condition analysis and assessment of condition of reinforced concrete construction components and buildings

Assessment of actual conditions after fire damage

Calculation of the extent of damage in chemical wear (e.g. in sewage works)

Masonry inspections (e.g. calculation of the nominal compressive strength of mortar and clay bricks for the determination of the stability of the stonework

Associated test methodological quality controls on remedial maintenance works on construction sites and preparation of the documentation required

Test services in the course of acceptance testing for coating and sealing works (e.g. waterproofing of bridges)

Test services in the course of assessing condition, such as depth of carbonisation, depth of chloride penetration, thickness of concrete coverage, assessment of the degree of corrosion of the armouring, concrete nominal compressive strength, surface bonding strength (tear resistance) etc.

Semi-destructive and non-destructive blanket coverage construction component tests (e.g. potential field measurements, armouring scan)

Testing and external monitoring of surface coating works in public thoroughfares (e.g. parking garages)

Construction component testing of fitted floor screeds: stability, evenness, durability and damage analysis in defective floor screeds

Acceptance of sealing work (e.g. waterproofing of bridges)

Preparation of remedial maintenance concepts

Structural damage assessment, documentation and evaluation

Tests on repair mortars and systems


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